The first marble factory in Hong Kong was established in 1947 by Mr. Cheung Kam Sou. In 1938, Mr. Cheung was in Shanghai and being recruited as technical instructor for the marble project of the old Hong Kong Bank Building. After the Second World War, he stayed and found the first factory in Hong Kong namely as Hong Kong Marble Works. Nowadays, under the apprenticeship of Mr. Cheung, many of his pupils become the owners of marble companies. Among them, his own son, Mr. Cheung Lee Kuen, started Alan Marble Company in 1969. Under his principles – good services, safe installation and punctual hand-in, business flourished quickly. The company has been responsible for many masterpieces around Hong Kong. The desire of Mr. Cheung is to diversify marble business in manifold ways. He established A&A Building Materials Supplier in 1979. In the very beginning, the objective of his business was on trading of different stone materials supplied from worldwide. Until 1987, tools division was developed to supply all various tools in stone industry. With his experience and knowledge, he pioneered marble care services in 1988. In order to fulfill the demand in market, Galleria di Arte Italiana was opened in the year of 1994. It mainly provides Italian artistic decorated stone, such as mosaic, tumble stone and sculpture. Due to the rapid progressive development of technology, new products with high quality being created everyday. To have proper and effective technology transaction, and information bi-monthly circular, Marble & Granite News being first published in mid 1997. This publication is kind of non-profit service to stone industry of which 3000 copies circulation in all cities of China. Business has grown at a steady and rapid rate. In these years, A&A Building Materials Supplier has become well-known and full-service company worldwide, and the business has been developing to China market.